Hometown Sports Management operates the Virginia Beach Sportsplex, Field Hockey Regional Training Center, and Sportsplex Athletic Fields. Our beautiful 15 acre facility is located in the heart of Virginia Beach, VA. Just minutes away from the Oceanfront and Town Center with fabulous shopping and dining for every pallet.  
Sportsplex Stadium
The facility has a total of 6,000 seats located on two levels.  The lower deck contains 3,600 seats, while the upper deck contains 2,400.The field is comprised of a state-of-the-art turf surface. Made with Sportexe’s advanced MonoTech fiber, PowerBlade HP, it combines the softness and lush appearance of natural grass with the engineered performance of modern synthetic turf. PowerBlade HP 2.0SR is designed specifically for faster gameplay and has passed the testing requirements to qualify as a FIFA 1-Star surface.The lighting has been engineered to provide 100 footcandles of illumination throughout the playing surface.  This is a very high level that will meet the most demanding needs of a television broadcast. Concessions are located on the concourse by The Plex Cafe. Family and corporate gatherings can be catered by the Sportsplex catering service and are welcomed at the southeast end zone with a large, landscaped, bermed picnic space with ample paved area for parties and concessions
Special attention has been given to the needs of the handicapped.  The seating levels are easily accessible by broad ramps and elevators.  Special areas for wheelchairs with companion seats have been provided in all seating areas in each price range..
Regional Training Center
The US Field Hockey Regional Training Center is one of America’s most well-known field hockey complexes. It features two artificial turf fields with watering pumps for a perfect playing surface. Lighting on one of the fields for tournaments and games played at night. Home and Away  locker rooms with showers, restrooms, and CHKD Sports Medicine training  room. Parking is conveniently located right outside of the complex within short walk to the fields, with plenty of parking space for big events and tournaments. A concession stand is located at the entrance of the complex where Hot Dogs, Preztels, Chicken Sandwhiches, and Drinks can be purchased
Sportsplex Athletics Fields
The fields are all natural grass behind the Regional Training Center (as seen in the picture to the right). 3 acres of open grass makes the field customisable  for any event. Soccer, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Festivals and a variety of 5K runs use these fields.  
  1. Sportsplex Entrance Road
    Sportsplex Entrance Road
    The Front of the Sportsplex Stadium
  2. Virginia Beach Sportsplex
    Virginia Beach Sportsplex
    Close of the Front of Sportsplex Stadium
  3. Picnic Area
    Picnic Area
    View of the stands and picnic area
  4. Corner Flag
    Corner Flag
    View of the stands and flag
  5. Sportsplex Field
    Sportsplex Field
    View of the stands from the berm
  6. Rush Symbol
    Rush Symbol
    Rushes field logo
  7. Field Hockey- Regional Training Center
    Field Hockey- Regional Training Center
    Where the Field Hockey Center is
  8. Field Hockey Goal
    Field Hockey Goal
    The Goal and Scoreboard for Field 1