field2In addition to the other venues at the Sportsplex, natural grass fields are available at the Sportsplex Athletic Fields. These fields are perfect for all events.

The natural grass at the Sportsplex Athletic Fields are of the highest quality. Many of the events at the Sportsplex depend on high quality grass for week in and week out league play.

The expectation for excellent sports fields is why field maintenance is conducted regularly at the Sportsplext to ensure that high quality grass is enjoyed for each and every event at the Athletic Fields.


Athletic Fields Details


The Athletic Field’s grounds contain considerable sized grass fields, volleyball / cornhole section, and a generous sized cycling loop. These various areas can host events such as BBQ’s, family reunions, corporate events, camps, and training sessions.

The Sportsplex Athletic fields include parking that is easily accessible and meets the needs of the handicapped.  A concession stand for the Athletic Fields are on-site and offers fans a wide selection of indulgences.

Take advantage of the Sportsplex Athletic Fields for your next event and enjoy the high quality, continually maintained, natural grass fields.