Sportsplex Athletic Fields

In addition to the other venues at the Sportsplex, natural grass fields are available at the Sportsplex Athletic Fields. These fields are perfect for all events.The natural grass at the Sportsplex Athletic Fields are of the highest quality. Many of the events at the Sportsplex depend on high quality grass for week in and week out league play.The expectation for excellent sports fields is why field maintenance is conducted regularly at the Sportsplex to ensure that high quality grass is enjoyed for each and every event at the Athletic Fields. During the event the Plex Cafe and snack shack serve delicious food and beverages. This multipurpose facility is more than adequate for the full range of typical field events including soccer, lacrosse, rugby and hosting festivals.The Sportsplex Athletic Fields are in a great location with many accommodations such as shopping centers, restaurants and close access to the Ocean Front. The facility is available for rent for any events, camps, clinics, or tournaments.
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