Home of the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters with Sports Medicine


The facility has multi-level, grand-stand style seating, picnic tables, and a berm that all offer a full view to both fields.


The Playing Field

Two artificial, international, competition-quality turf fields lay side-by-side on the complex. In September, 2008, the USA Field Hockey Training Facility took a proactive stance to combat Staph and MRSA infection with the professional application of GamePlan-4-Turf complete antimicrobial system for synthetic turf fields from Pioneer Athletics and mPact Environmental Solutions.  GamePlan-4-Turf’s key component is powered by ÆGIS Microbe Shield®, the most advanced, EPA registered antimicrobial available.

Each field has a complex underground irrigation system and less than 1/16 of an inch crown from the center of the field to the sidelines. In addition, high-powered watering systems can completely saturate each field in less than 10 minutes.


Field Lighting

The lighting has been engineered to provide 100 footcandles of illumination throughout the playing surface.  This is a very high level that will meet the most demanding needs of a television broadcast.

On-Site Parking

The Stadium parking area is easily accessible through Landstown Road. A broad, well landscaped pedestrian walkway bisects the main parking areas, which contain a total of 2,122 spaces. Special areas near the stadium are reserved for handicapped parking and space is also provided for buses, teams, and service personnel.



A concession stand is on-site offering fans a wide selection of indulgences.  Team meals are also available at a discounted rate when ordered in advance.


Provisions for the Handicapped

Special attention has been given to the needs of the handicapped.  The seating levels are easily accessible by broad paved sidewalks.  Special areas for wheelchairs with companion seats have been provided in all seating areas.



The Sportsplex is an easy 15-minute car ride from the oceanfront and towne center sections of Virginia Beach. It is located in close proximity to the Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater and the Virginia Beach National Golf Course.